About Us

Local Dudes Delivery delivers all your local favorites right to your door!

The Restaurants You Want

Browse menus from all your favorite local restaurants to find a match for whatever you crave! You might fish for the best sushi rolls, summit an epic mountain of nachos, or wrangle the best steak in town. It's all possible using Local Dudes Delivery.

When You Need It

Neck deep in the end-of-month reports at work? Juggling Luna's dance lesson, Kennedy's soccer practice, and Tyler's work trip? The local dudes have you covered, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Where You Want It

Food delivered with the accuracy that would make a seasoned bow hunter blush. Front Door, side porch, suite 203, thru the gate and second left after the fire-breathing dragon. We do our best to deliver your favorite food exactly where you need us.

Delivered by Local Humans

We get it ...... TECHNOLOGY. AI Chatbots, robots rolling down the sidewalk, that's great! But have you considered SKYNET? And maybe humans just do it better. That's why Local Dudes Delivery has local phone support operated by real live humans. Need help with your order? Want to give a driver a shout-out for a job well done? Give us a ring, and one of our locally-based support staff will be there to help!

Welcome to Local Dudes Delivery!

"The Dude Abides" - The Dude