Frequently Asked Questions

A: We deliver from your favorite restaurants to homes, businesses, hospitals, colleges, etc. Orders can be placed online. If you need a little extra help feel free to contact our friendly local support team.

A: Normally, we expect deliveries to be completed in 35 to 50 minutes. However, various factors come into play when completing an order, including restaurant prep time, order size, traffic, weather conditions, etc. We understand that your time is valuable and do our absolute best to inform you when you can expect your delivery to arrive or if any factors could delay your order.

A: Unfortunately, we cannot combine orders from multiple restaurants on one ticket. You may, however, place orders from different restaurants separately.

A: We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, & American Express.

A: Yes! Think of our dudes and dudettes as your personal road server. Battling traffic and the elements to bring the best local restaurants and good vibes to your door.

A: We try our best to keep our partner restaurant fees as reasonable as possible (especially compared to national providers) and encourage our restaurant partners to provide delivery at menu price; however, the final decision is on the restaurant if they choose to absorb the cost of our service or pass all or some of the cost on as increased menu price.

A: We are working hard to continue to expand our service area, type in your address on the home screen to view all of our partner restaurants in your area.

A: Unfortunately, because time is of the essence, we cannot cancel or refund orders the restaurant has already accepted. When there is a delay in the restaurant accepting the order (typically due to a restaurant partner being busy or understaffed), we will gladly cancel your order or get you set up with another restaurant partner. Anything not covered here? Feel free to give us a shout!